Nicky “Topper” Headon joined Mick Jones and Billy Bragg to record a song for the film “Breaking Rocks”

The legendary Nicky “Topper” Headon appeared in the studio getting back with Mick Jones to join Billy Bragg to record a song for the film “Breaking Rocks”
The legendary Nicky “Topper” Headon appeared in the studio getting back with Mick Jones to join Billy Bragg to record a song for the film “Breaking Rocks”

      GUESTS in the studio have included...

Billy Bragg  -  Bruce Foxton  -  Mike Peters  -  Mick Jones  -  Topper Headon  -  Richard Archer  -  Martin Coogan  -  Ash Howes  -  John James Newman  - 

Kerry Schultz  -  Dale Davis  -  David D’Andrade  -  Gary Nuttall  - 

James Stevenson  -  Mark Taylor  -  Pablo Cook  -  Robin Foster  - 

Dorie Jackson  -  Billy Reeves  -  Chesney Hawkes  -  Veronika Vespa  - 

Matt Round  -   Darius Keeler  -  Jonathan Noyce  -  Steve Gilcrest  - 

Graham Turner  -  Johnny Wilks  -  Fil Straughn  -  KT Hurt  -  Dave Welsh  - 

Marc Hockley  -  Thee Faction  -  Birdpen  -  Concerned Citizens  -  Parade  - 

Q The Music  -  London Show Band  -  Jon Zip  -   Averydeephole  - 

The Transmitters  -  Night of Treason  -  Tom O’Driscoll  -  The Skasouls  - 

Krakatoa  -  The Supanovas  -  Mid Age Rampage  -  Chuck Chandler  -

  Redhead -  Q The Music  -  Royal Scam  -  Dorie Jackson  -  Owen Paul  -  Robert Hart (Manfred Manns Earthband)  -  Ian Mcnabb (The Icicle Works)  -  Mark Butcher  -  Chesney Hawkes & Sam Blue

Mike Peters, The Alarm, Smiley
Mark Taylor and James Stevenson The Alarm

Mark Taylor and James Stevenson

“Put simply, a gentle creative vibe, excellent gear, genuine expertise and great tea & biscuits. Oh, and the best studio dog ever!”

Marc Hockley (singer /songwriter)

“When I wanted to find the ideal place to record a song I had written for my granddaughter, I had some options but had a feeling  Smiley’s Sunshine Corner Studios would be the way to go and wow what brightness, magic and total professionalism did Smiley bring to the project. Some people have since said it’s one of the best pieces music I have created but that wouldn’t ‘t be the case I am sure without the inspirational energy of Sunshine Corner Studios”

Ivan Chander (Music Publisher)

“When we came to record our debut album there was only one studio for us, Sunshine Corner Studios in deepest Fleet has a mixing desk with genuine rock and roll history, top gear with a great choice of amps, guitars and a fantastic array of drums/cymbals , some of the best musical advice there is, and in Smiley a top bloke  who knows his onions and can create such a good vibe that you can't help but be inspired and give it your best....he's no slouch in the producers chair either...all of this has contributed in our album "Gentlemen and Hooligans" receiving one glowing review after another and is being quite rightly (in our humble onion) hailed in some quarters as one of  THE albums of 2012..grab an earful on i-Tunes and Amazon”

Steve Kirk (Night of Treason)

Night of Treason <>

“It's really difficult to some Smileys sunshine corner studios up in one sentence without using the word sunshine. I've recommended this place to  my friends cos it's professionalism at it's best without the intimidation that can be around some studios. Smiley puts you at ease, gets on with the job but makes it fun to be creative ... Just how it should be really” 

Graham Turner (International song writer)

“The high level of revolutionary discipline within Thee Faction and the stringent requirements we have of comrades we work with make it very difficult to find studios which will fit our ethos or political mission. We knew Sunshine Corner Studios was perfect the moment we walked in. Comrade Smiley handled the music, the politics and the historical mission with tremendous humour, confidence and comradeship. Thee Faction salute Comrade Smiley and commend his studio to anyone. There is no studio that feels better than Smiley's. Come the Great Day all studios will feel like Sunshine Corner, and all engineers will be like Comrade Smiley. Onward. Unto the Great Day”

Babyface (Thee Faction)

“I've worked at Smiley's Sunshine Corner Studios many times. The studio sounds great, the vibe's great and Smiley's great! If you're looking for somewhere to record don't hesitate!”

James Stevenson (The Alarm)

“The hardest rocking corner of hampshire... nice vibe and great sound”

Richard Archer (Hard Fi)

“Working with smiley at sunshine corner is always a buzz, he is always so positive and energetic creating an atmosphere that is both productive and fun, i guess that comes with his years of experience working at a pro level, and whilst some could be snooty and arrogant, smiley is down to earth and well, smiley!!, putting you at ease and making the vibe in the studio stress free and one to be reckoned with!!! and he also makes a cracking cup of tea!!!!!! Go to the place and experience all that is sunshine corner!! You will not be disappointed!! I'm there next week!!”

John James Newman ( Marmelade & BBC1s The Voice)

The legendary Nicky “Topper” Headon appeared in the studio getting back with Mick Jones to join Billy Bragg to record a song for the film “Breaking Rocks”
Sunshine Corner Studios SCS Recording Studio, Retro, 45 rpm, British Music
Chesney Hawkes & Sam Blue

Mike Peters

Smiley and Pablo Cook

Smiley and Jon Zip

Bruce Foxton

Gary Nuttall

John Jame Newman and Kerry Schultz

David D’Andrade


Chesney Hawkes & Sam Blue

Mark Butcher

Robert Hart

(Manfred Manns Earthband)

Ian Mcnabb

(The Icicle Works)

Owen Paul

Dorie Jackson